Silver Saddle Land Banking Scam - a Scheme


September 22, 2013

When is a scam a scheme? When it is the ones crying “Scam!” who are actually doing the scamming.

Silver Saddle Ranch recently came down hard on several people who, using fake names, planted unfavorable reviews on various websites in an effort to hurt Silver Saddle Ranch. SSR representatives said that the people were part of a small family group who had conspired to plant the malicious and potentially damaging reviews in an effort to force SSR to forgive their loans on property they had bought.

Apparently, it wasn’t that the group didn’t like the property they had purchased – they did, instead, they simply didn’t want to have to pay for it and so concocted the scheme to force SSR into forgiving the loans in return for removing the reviews.

Unfortunately, that sort of behavior constitutes extortion which California authorities are working to make clear to the misguided group who could be facing up to 10 years each for their activities.

Authorities caution anyone who posts what could be considered defamatory statements or reviews that they could be opening themselves up to prosecution.

Silver Saddle Ranch is working with the online sites to remove the nefarious reviews, some of which date back several years.