Land Banking - The Details

Details on Silver Saddle Ranch Land Banking & Galileo Project

The Board

The project is run by a Board of Directors nominated and voted on from LandBanking Plus+ Owners. This puts the base control and direction in the hands of you the investor and not in the hands of a non-invested third party developer.

Development Money

All Galileo Unit Owners contribute about $.50/day or $2,000 to a master real estate development account. The resulting pool of funds is estimated to total over $3 Million in Developmental Money by 2018. This development account is to be used for the financing of approved LandBanking Plus+ commercial or industrial real estate projects. The investment fund is totally under the owners control and the unit owners are the decision makers as to the investment of these funds.

And because it’s LandBanking Plus+ this money, and the resulting developments, belong to you... The Unit Owners!

Own The Resort !

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
LandBanking Plus+ owners may purchase Silver Saddle Ranch & Club Resort for a fraction of the replacement cost…

The Fair Market Value estimated Replacement Cost for the Silver Saddle Resort is… $12 million.
However, owners of LandBanking Plus+are Guaranteed a $500K Total Purchase Price when 1/2 the units are sold.

The Opportunity
LandBanking Plus+ makes it possible for the Galileo Project to purchase the entire Silver Saddle Ranch and Club, the real estate, its operations and total cash flow, a $12,000,000 package, for just $500,000! ...yes, you read that right.  That is the opportunity that awaits you…need we say more?

Take a look at our main resort website to see all that that Silver Saddle Ranch & Club has to offer!