Land Banking & Real Estate - 7 Good Reasons

Good reasons why Silver Saddle Ranch Land Banking could be good for you
Growth…The Path to Prosperity
“Today’s successful investors must embrace a new thinking; one that maximizes a person’s ability to bring about a gratifying, enriched & exciting financial future!”
Tom Maney, President SSRC
  1. Leverage: LandBanking Plus+ does just that.  It is the NEW Real Estate investment strategy that enables the smart investor to pool amounts of money with other like-minded investors, to own and control a truly extraordinary and large piece of prime, real property directly in the path of the area’s “Unprecedented and Historic Growth”.

  2. Established Development Account: LandBanking Plus+ is better than previous LandBanking investments. The Plus+ means investors have a built in property development account. This account belongs to YOU, the investor, and is to be used for the benefit of LandBanking Plus+ approved projects. This fund is projected to exceed $3,000,000 by 2018 and the best part is…all this money belongs to YOU, the investor...remember, the money and the development decisions are totally under your control.

  3. High Investment Returns: … as a Plus+ owner… you, along with the other Plus+ owners, have an exclusive option to own and operate the entire Silver Saddle Resort, its real estate, operations and total cash flow. The resort package is valued at $12 Million Dollars, yet your option to acquire it provides the right to purchase the entire resort for just $500k, a mere 5% of its replacement value! And, since the money comes out of the aforementioned development account, projected to have more than $2,000,000 by 2016, your investment could realize a tremendous return virtually overnight.

  4. Enjoy Timeshare Without The Cost: Plus+ also guarantees the fact that YOU, the investor, have continuous access to nearly 4,000 beautiful, timeshare resorts through our long-standing affiliation with ProTrav and their network of worldwide condo resorts. As LandBanking Plus+ owners there is no need to spend up to $50,000 buying a timeshare interval or upwards of $400 per night to rent one. You can now enjoy the benefits of timeshare, without the costs or commitments. Pay only for what you use and enjoy wholesale rates year round.

  5. Location: According to The History Channel… the Northern Antelope Valley’s explosion of new technologies will make the California Gold Rush…”look like a child’s game!”. LandBanking Plus+ means YOU are in the path of this new Gold Rush! New industries, technology, and $billions in new investment means Jobs, Technologies, Big Companies and, best of all…One-Of-A-Kind and incredible Investor Opportunities.

  6. Growth: LandBanking Plus+ puts YOU in the Path of Prosperity! In April of 2011 California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law… “33% of California’s energy must come from alternate sources by 2020”. Shortly thereafter, Land Investment News declared;
  7. The “Antelope Valley” is home to…95%...of all of California’s wind generating capacity. Alternative Energy and the Antelope Valley are now one in the same and the small, informed investor is poised to take advantage of it!

    The area’s People of Influence. Featured on Fox News and the New York Times:

    Billionaires; Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) is expanding his interests into the area with his new StratoLaunch Space Flight Co. Also, Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Virgin Galactic, and the Virgin Group) declares… “Mojave is the Silicon Valley of the space industry”.
    These are only two of the many mega-entrepreneurs and business leaders now doing business in this dynamic area.

  8. Timing: Timing is everything, they say. With LandBanking Plus+ you have a perfect storm, one where opportunity and timing join with safety and control to reward those who take action. Don’t just sit around and watch what everyone else is doing when you too can participate by making LandBanking Plus+ part of your investment portfolio. The investment opportunity provided here, coupled with an almost unlimited access to a network of worldwide resorts can bring about both a happier today and a more prosperous tomorrow, for you…on the Path to Prosperity!

  9. BONUS REASON: As of the end of 2017 the Galileo Project had a record 2,294 units having closed of the appromimately 4,000 total units allowed for sale.

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