Land Banking - The Real Estate Tool

Land Banking as a real estate tool is exceptional for the value one can control

How it Works

Federal and State governments, environmental groups, conservatories, trusts and large corporations have been LandBanking for years. All these entities understand that in order to guarantee real estate is available when needed it must be purchased in advance of projected use.

Individuals can now participate in similar real estate LandBanking projects.

By combining very small investment dollars, many investors can now control extraordinarily large parcels of prime real estate.

Effective LandBanking represents a “Buy, Hold & Control” approach that combines a “one-of-a-kind” property with a “once-in-a-lifetime” region’s growth and expansion.

Silver Saddle’s Galileo Project does it all!

1,020 acres of prime developable land. This is improved real estate that is already serviced by paved roads, electricity, telephone, piped water and is bordered by thousands of individually zoned residential, multiple family and estate properties as well as new homes and construction.

                To be a part of the area’s much needed commercial and industrial growth, LandBanking is simply the easiest and best way to position oneself in today's real estate market.